Infinite Riches Clothing Story

 Infinite Riches Clothing Story


Infinite Riches Clothing ®  is an exclusive clothing and accessory line from Distinct Visual Solutions for both Men and Women. Infinite Riches ®  is a line inspired by what makes YOU rich? Whether its Life, Family, Motorcycles, Cars, Music, Religion, Dancing, etc. It allows us to design hot apparel for the masses to express their own unique style. Express your riches with Infinite Riches Clothing.

Distinct Visual Solutions main headquarters is located in Joliet, IL.  The company was founded by husband and wife Bernardino “Bernie” Avila (Founder) and Gina Avila (CEO/President), as a Promotional Products, Custom Apparel business in 2011.

We offer more than just a brand. We specialize in screen printing, embroidery, promotional products, decals, banners, wraps, etc. We try our best to focus on quality. If you would like something custom done please contact us. You can also click the links and like or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. This will help you know a little more

We have the best customer service as well as turn around times. Depending on the order we can get you in and out pretty quick. Don’t worry we got you covered. Just figure out what it is that you need and give us a call.